Mingo and Speicher: Free Probability and Random Matrices

  • J. Mingo, R. Speicher: Free Probability and Random Matrices, Fields Institute Monographs, Springer, 2017
  • Here is a pdf-version by the authors
  • Every good book has its typos, so here are ours. It is quite likely that this list will grow over the course of time. Note that the styles, hence also the page-numbering, of the book and of the pdf-version from above are different. As usual, “line -k” means “count k lines starting from the bottom of the page”.
    • In Section 1.5, Exercise 7: (iii) should be (ii) [book: line -8 of page 7; pdf: line 11 of page 19]
    • In Section 1.10, in the proof of Lemma 9: a factor 1/N is missing in front of the summation sign (three times) [book: lines -8, -9, -10 of page 13; pdf: lines -2, -3, -4 of page 24]
    • In Section 5.4, Exercise 8: \kappa_{2,2}^x=k_4^\mu should be \kappa_{2,2}^x=2k_4^\mu [book: line 15 of page 146; pdf: line -11 of page 151]
    • In Section 4.5.3 in Theorem 23, the summation in the definition of M(z) should start with m=1, and not with m=0 [book: line 6 of page 119; pdf: line -10 of page 124]
    • In Section 6.6.1 in Fig. 5.6: q_{3,2} should be q_{3,3} [book: page 157; pdf: page 162]
    • In Section 6.6.1 in caption to Fig. 5.6: C_{n+1}(x)=xC_n(x)-2C_{n-1}(x) should be C_{n+1}(x)=xC_n(x)-C_{n-1}(x) [book: page 157; pdf: page 162]